2018 Shows

North Island

Napier : 12 & 13 May 2018

New Plymouth: 1-3 June Queens Birthday weekend 3 day show
Tauranga: 06-07 July
Whangarei: 13-15 July
Porirua: 27-29 July
Hamilton: 10-12 August
Taupo: 17-19 August

South Island
Christchurch: 14-16 September :
Invercargil: 21-23 September:
Dunedin: 28-30 September:


Adults: $9.50.
Free for 14 and below.

Testimonials from the Napier show

Just a line to say thank you for all the hard work you did at the craft fair over the weekend and indeed in the period leading up to it. It was really well organised and you did a great job. My team of elderly ladies (one of them is 93 years old) told me that they thought you were great. I knew that already.
If you have another craft fair in Napier next year, let me know and I will do what I can to round up the troops. We met some really interesting people. Our main objective is to recruit new members for spinning and weaving groups in Hawke’s Bay and I think we might have encouraged a few to join the Napier Weavers.
Best wishes
Jim (Grumpy Old Man) Craven

NZ Craft & Design Show

Back in the days when NZ’ers had to make just about everything themselves craftspeople were abundant. 10,000’s of people flocked to see what kiwis can do in the 80’s and 90’s and we showered the with appreciation in abundance and were joyful for their craft and their objects and their Art.

And then the game changed, as the new chapels of happiness had people lose sight of the craft exchanged for the cheap, the imported, the instant, the commerce. And times got darker for the joyful creators and some gave up and some got old and some went into hiding, the others – well they’re still here!

At the NZ craft & design show you will find  Crafts, Cottage Industry, delectable food, inspiration and lots to buy, supporting local small handmade businesses who are setting up in your town soon, eager to see you.

Latest News and Updates

Napier show was a success and great Mother’s day weekend. New Plymouth had a theme: Repurpose | Recreate | Renew

We are coming to Wellington and counting down! Stallholders, finalise your space today! Visitor, get your early bird show tickets before 16th July 2017 for discounts of up to 40%!

Have a listen to our Radio Interview at Access Radio Taranaki.

We talk about the history, purpose, passion, resilience and drive to keep New Zealand Craft and Design scene alive and space for design and creativity. Listen in to hear who is coming, opportunities for vendors, artists networking and recreating a renewed spirit for the show in New Plymouth on 2nd to 4th June at TSB Stadium.

From Our Blog

Craft Vendors

We know there’s more to shows that meets the eye.

Craft and Design Show targets buyers  who are attracted to come and for innovation, object art, design, and craft. All shows are held over three days. Friday-Sunday 10am-4.30pm

The NZ Craft & Design shows attract thousands of eager buyers.

Appearing at NZ Craft and Design Show is a must for all forward thinking innovative craft and design entrepreneurs.  Apply to be part of the shows now.